Hi, nice to have you here.

I am Leonie, a caring mom, loving wife, real Parisienne, a romantic life follower, believer, friends pamperer, still not Franconian speaking, candy and game nights addicted, everybody hugging and gifted cooking wedding photographer living in Fuerth/South Germany.

As a child of an artistic family grewing up behind the scenes of the world, I early knew that I wouldn´t go to any vocational guidance. At the young age of 16 I probably knew more about the world of art, than many adults. But it´s exactly in this world, that I wandered around a long time. Ballet, modern dance, tap dance and singing lessons at the Opera allowed me to come closer  to my first dream of career: being a musical singer. In a nutshell: I lost my mother at the age of 18 and became pregnant with 20. After 6 years of parental leave and now 2 preschoolers, I tackled it and studied jazz singing and choral conducting. Followed by several jobs in the early musical education.

It wasn´t always easy, as an artistic free spirit. I need the air to breathe and detest rules, parochialism and pigeonholing. I didn´t want to be what the world taught me to. I wanted to do what I was created for. Defying narrow-minded opinions strengthened me and the older I got the more I realized why I do what I do:

M A K I N G   B E A U T Y   V I S I B L E   A N D    S E T T I N G   I T   F R E E

When I photograph someone it’s as if God wanted to reveal Himself through my photos in these people. They often cry and are completely touched by their own beauty. Phrases like: „What? This is me?“ and  „I’m actually unphotogenic, but on your pictures I love me“ are commonplace. I see myself as a tool, as an executing arm of something much bigger. The early loss of my mother and the long distance to my family let me be sensitive. For needs, for people, for orphans and seekers. To open my heart completely and to invest always 100%  is what I live for. In every area of my life. I feel

F I N A L L Y   A R R I V E D

where I am today. To do what I love and to show people how beautiful and unique they are filles my heart with life. I like to be home to strangers and friends. With me everyone is allowed to rest. I do not just want to take pictures, because I have a camera. I want to photograph people. People who share my vision. People who are like me. I want to be more than just your service provider. I wish you to look back at your pictures and feel beloved.