One sunny day last year, we were just on our way home from a session, Leandra called me the first time. A delicate and friendly voice asked me if she could do an internship with me. Wow, with me? I was speechless. I’m working from home, never had an intern and only did not know what to say. But Leandra wanted so bad that I agreed. For a whole week she accompanied me energetically in my work, and I tried to show her every area of my profession. The topics I chose are pretty much identical, with the topics of our business coachings: We talked about customer acquisition and marketing, social media and websites, she wrote with me on a blog post, I showed her camera settings and the basics of image editing. For the two last points we arranged a shooting with her father and brother, so she could try it for herself and edit her photos afterwards. The bottom image was shot by Leandra, and I love it very much. We created a slideshow out of the photos, bought licensed music and invited her family, but especially her mother who didn’t know anything about our shooting, to dinner with us, as „conclusion“ of the internship ;) But also this would be a thing yet of the learning process, because that’s how we handle it with our customers when we invite them for dinner, a few weeks after their marriage. They join us with their 10 closest friends/family members to see their wedding film for the first time. Leandra’s mum Simone was very touched and the evening so perfect :)

At the last day of her internship, Leandra was „allowed“ to split 500 photos in 100 batches, packing them into 100 folders and label them :) Because if I shoot a big kindergarden, the photos must be packed. Took less than 5 hours. For us together ;)

Thank you Leandra, for your help, kindness and thirst for knowledge. You are awesome!!!